Oculer is a leader in industrial microbiology rapid testing for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Oculer has successfully developed rapid, high-throughput, fully automated assays for the detection of bacteria and yeast & mould, enabling food and beverage manufacturers to detect microbial contamination in their products and manufacturing processes faster and more precisely than industry alternatives. 

The reliable and safe production of food and other consumer products has become central to human health and the quality of daily life. Microbiological testing is more vital than ever before to help ensure that manufacturers can produce safe food, cosmetics and other consumer products.

Traditional test methods for assessing microbial contamination are slow, costly and imprecise. Results were of limited value in a fast moving production environment because of the length of time required to obtain test results. More recently, several rapid test methods have become available, but they have typically entailed high capital costs for instrumentation, and were of often limited to specific applications. 

Oculer provides a range of low-cost, versatile, high throughput microbiological assays for total viable count for aerobic bacteria, and yeast and moulds – which together account for approximately 50% of the total microbiological test markets worldwide. 

Oculer has an R&D pipeline of additional tests which will be launched in the next 18 months.

Along with our proven instrument platform, Oculer’s market-leading informatics solution allows a range of tests to be performed faster and more precisely by non-microbiologists than any alternative tests on the market.