Technology Principle
Oculer Rapid Test Platforms

Oculer approaches the challenge of assessing microbiological activity in the sample logically. First, by gaining a precise understanding of what contaminant is causing problems with product manufacturing or storage. Once identified, Oculer uses one of its uniquely formulated proprietary growth media that when added to the sample, suppresses growth of other cells, while simultaneously promoting growth of the target organism of interest. A highly sensitive probe measures the depletion of oxygen in the matrix, and highly developed instrument technologies observe growth characteristics of bacteria and other microorganisms.

As aerobic cells grow and multiply, they consume increasing amounts of Oxygen. The use of oxygen is a factor that can be measured as an indication of the rate of cell reproduction and activity in the sample. Oculer’s rapid test technology utilises a highly sensitive oxygen probe that emits a fluorescent signal when the levels of oxygen deplete within the sample matrix. Precisely designed and calibrated instrumentation observes the probe at frequent and regular intervals so that the point of oxygen depletion can be recorded and benchmarked against known growth characteristics for the organism of interest.